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HouseMart Shipping can help you ship your belongings to Hawaii - whether you're moving to Hawaii or a college student going home for the summer. 

  1. Enter the package dimensions into the shipping calculator to get your estimated quote. 
    **Estimated quote is pre-tax and may increase if your order has separate items that need more packaging or needs to be placed on a pallet for safe transit**
    **Minimum order is $50**

  2. If you are local to Los Angeles, you can drop off your package at H2O Logistics Warehouse or you can arrange delivery to H2O Logistics Warehouse. If you are arranging delivery, please address package exactly as follows:

    HMS Customer Name (Example: HMS John Smith)
    C/O H2O Logistics 5575 (for Oahu)
    C/O H2O Logistics 11735 (for Kauai)
    C/O H2O Logistics 17906 (for Waiakea on the Big Island)
    C/O H2O Logistics 11742 (for Kailua-Kona on the Big Island)
    C/O H2O Logistics 11727 (for Maui)
    23601 S. Wilmington Ave
    Carson, CA 90745

  3.  Press “CONTACT UP TO PROCEED” to notify HouseMart Shipping of your incoming packages.

  4. Once item arrives at H2O Warehouse, we take measurements of exact box dimensions. If the order includes separate items that are not packaged together, we may need to repackage and combine your order for safe transit to Hawaii. Repackaging or palletizing your order may increase package dimensions. 

  5. We will create your invoice and send it to you via email. Please make sure that is not on your spam list. 

  6. After payment is received, we will arrange for the shipment to Hawaii.

  7. You will be notified via email when your order is ready for pick up. Order must be picked up in one week (after one week, order will be subject to a $10/day stocking fee

    **If your shipment has hazmat materials there is an additional hazmat fee. Please provide us with the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) or Safety Data Sheet (SDS) so we know how to declare and safely transport your items.**

    **If you need to purchase additional insurance, we offer Marine Insurance (see link at the top of our website for more information.) You must purchase this insurance prior to the boat sailing.**

Shipping time: From departure date (Fridays), shipments take approximately 10 days to reach Oahu and 14 days to reach the neighbor islands. 
Please email or call (808)762-0399 with questions.